It only takes a phone call … to change your life forever. Some are brilliant and blissful changes, and yet others so tragic they can only result in anarchy. A year ago today my aunt passed away at the age of 44. I cannot describe the pain the family has gone through as a result of this loss for it is far worse than any other feeling I have felt before.  What I can describe however is how beautiful a person Cheryl Lynn was.

Intelligent. Compassionate. Humorous  Stunning. Honorable. Loving. Faithful. Resourceful. Kind. Spunky. Fashionable. A woman seeking after God’s glorious heart and perfect will. And it is with the strong impact she had and has on my life, I begin this blog.

As a junior in college so unsure about the future I have chosen to double major (Child and Adolescent Studies, and Journalism, respectfully) I can become a bit confused and ever so frustrated about what exactly I am supposed to do.

“My calling,” I like to call it, changes quite often. Endless lists are created for what’s to be done and yet none really contribute to my future in the real world, past the hours of endless studying that has filled my last 15 years. What is “my calling?” What will be my legacy?

My aunt left behind a legacy undeniably remarkable. She left behind a steadfast faith in Christ, a precious son, and a devout husband. She waited patiently on the Lord. And she accomplished exactly what the Lord intended for her to do.

Three years ago, at my baccalaureate for high school, our speaker gave a powerful message. He ended with two sentences I will never forget. “This is your story. Make it a great one.” Cheryl led a “great story.” And she left behind a “great one.”

It is with these influences I begin to write now and tell my story. I’m a words type of person. Alliteration. Passages. Rhyme. Quotes. They inspire me to do better, to be better. So it is here I will share various quotes that inspire me to continue with my story, in search of my calling, to leave behind my legacy. The inner journalist in me is sure to come out as well and share the various events that occur. To search for greater meaning in the many changes of life, the phone calls I face.

For now I am at ease knowing at least one person knows “my calling” in this brilliant and blissful anarchy. He’s had it in mind all along. And knowing Cheryl is in His constant presence brings tremendous brilliance and bliss, causing the anarchy to cease.



3 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. Beautiful! Bekah, your writing is so inspirational and I am so excited for you on your new journey starting this blog. I know you can do it because you’re BEKAH FREAKING PENNER!!! Anyways you have inspired me to try new things and in the next few years, I hope that we can help one another find “our callings.” I love you so much and I know Cheryl would appreciate this especially it being your first blog. You are beautiful and I love you Miss Bliss!!

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