So I shared a big part of my life in the last post.  It was hidden, but well placed to prepare for this next one.

Think about the quote.  Think about the guy … Arthur Ashe.  Athlete.  Tennis player … tennis.  You got it!

The only sport have ever truly known.

John Wooden said, “We’re all absolutely equal in having the opportunity to make the most of what we have.”

I have never considered myself the best at tennis. I have played most of my life, but have consistently felt a step or two behind.  I was the daughter of the coach.  I had never chosen it to be my sport.  My younger sister was always a little better.  None the less, tennis has provided me with multiple opportunities and brilliant blessings.

Throughout high school when many teenagers were trying to find their place, I had mine at the courts. It was something I knew.  Something I knew well.  I had a team.  I had friends.  I had competition.  And I had challenges to conquer.

Now I have played college tennis for the past three years.  I have always had people better than me.  Who had that extra step, that extra level.  Yet, I have still had chances to succeed and accomplish and achieve.

Today, my sister plays in her conference tournament.  Tomorrow, my team plays in our conference tournament.  By the end of the weekend, it will all be over.  The stress.  The pressure.  The emotions.  The win or loss.  Just another memory.

Consider what you have now, what opportunities you face.  Perhaps it’s something you chose or maybe something you didn’t.  Perhaps it’s something you’re the best at or … not so much. Whatever it is, whatever your opportunity may be, make the most of it just as John Wooden said.  Make the most of the present day and working to be your individual best!  Soon it will be over, just another memory.  Hopefully, you made the most of what you had!

Good luck to the Mounties and Titans (you figure it out)!


2 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. I am the former coach who made you learn how to play tennis. Now you have a skill you can use the rest of your life. And you have many friends because of your time on the court. And you are way to hard on your self. You have done amazingly well. I am so proud of you.

    Your Father

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