Ten Days

I started this with every intention of writing consistently.  Not seven days in a row (I do need sleep) but at least more than a couple times a week.  And yet here I am, second week “strong” and hoping to finish this second post before I lose inspiration.  With that in mind …

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days has to be one of my favorite movies.  For one, Kate Hudson is a journalist living in New York City.  Two, Matthew McConaughey.  Three, comedy.  Four, my kind of comedy.  And five, past all the scheming they are able to make it work before the end credits.

As opposed to quoting the movie this week (my favorite scene is when they go to “couples therapy”), I have decided to use the title of the tale for my theme instead.

Over the course of the next “ten days,” because “five days is too short, and we go to press in 11,” I am going to work on writing more often in the hopes keeping up this “relationship.”  So here goes.  This is not a “bluff.”

If you would like, dare to try something new with me consistently for the next ten days.  Who knows what could happen?

Have a blessed start to your weekend!  You have earned it.


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