The Common Things

Henry Ward Beecher once said,

Henry Ward Beecher

I have three weeks of my semester left, the most difficult part before me.  There are projects to be done, presentations to be heard, and finals to be taken.  Thinking about everything that lies between me and becoming a senior gets a little overwhelming.

So today I enjoy the “common things.”  Being able to sleep in a little because I don’t work till later.  Spending time with my roommates.  Writing.  Eating ice cream, because naturally that is about the only food I have right now.  Realizing it’s Saturday.

Looking forward, nothing has to be overly exciting … that will come soon enough.  But finding happiness in such things as these above is what keeps life exciting.  Causes you to see the beauty, the brilliance, the bliss of the day to day.  Because after all, sometimes the common things are the best things.


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