Dancing in the Rain

Rain has always defined brilliance for me.

The sound. The smell. The beauty. The bliss. A perfect day has been and will always be accompanied by rain.

Growing up, rain meant a day with screaming girls and no tennis match. It meant a day being taken out of school to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It meant a day spent inside by the fire watching an endless marathon of movies. It meant a day in Paris. A perfect day has been and will always be accompanied by rain.

Sadly, most Southern Californians do not share this same love for the rain, or the cold for that matter. And thus I give you this quote which I am sure a native of sunny California wrote.

“Life isn’t about about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

What storm lies before you today? Perhaps it’s a minor storm. Or perhaps it’s a major storm and you are not quite sure how you will ever move on. Maybe you love a good rainy day in May like me.  Or maybe you are just dreaming of the sunshine today.  Whatever it may be, life will continue to move on just the same both through the storm and after. Don’t let a stormy day cause you to wait for something better to come along.  So savor the moments while still in the storm, savor the rain.  Take each day, each moment, each rain drop as it comes.  Allow your perfect day to be to be accompanied by rain!


(My sister and me a few years back on our rainy day in Paris)

If you do not live in Southern California, hopefully you figured out it’s raining here today!


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