Like Father, like Daughter

My dad and I are a lot a like.  He writes.  I write.  He’s a firstborn.  I’m a firstborn.  He relies on me.  And I most definitely rely on him.  Like father, like daughter.

A couple months ago I opened my time capsule from 6th grade.  My 12-year-old self had left the now 21-year-old me numerous notes and various mementos from my younger days.  The most precious artifacts I opened however were letters my parents and grandmothers wrote to me at the time.

I was able to keep my cool until I got to my dad’s letter and the tears started to pour.

In his simple, yet very eloquent way, my dad wrote of how he never wanted this day to come, when I would open my time capsule, when I would be 21.  He knew it would mean I was not around as often.  He knew it would mean I was doing my own thing.  He knew things would be different.  Things the preteen me had never thought about at the time.

I call my dad pretty often.  He provides me with more than necessary.  But things have changed since my time capsule making days.  What has never changed though is his dependability.  His encouragement.  His continuous love.

Today, is my dad’s birthday.  And a very happy one at that!  And so I quote the guy who has always been by my side …

“Nobody can be you better than you.”

My dad knew things would change eventually.  This never stopped him from constantly supporting me to be exactly who God had intended me to be.

And so through the course of this blog, I hope to be to my readers what my dad is to me (hence like father, like daughter).  I encourage you to be exactly who you were meant to be.  The person God meant for you to be.  Strive for it, search for it, fight for it.  I know it’s not as easy as that (obviously … I’ve dedicated a whole blog towards figuring out what my calling is)!  But while you are figuring it out, be you, and be the best version of you, because “nobody can be you better than you.”   


And to the guy who has always been by my side, I will forever be your little girl.  I love you.  Have the most brilliant birthday!


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