Sea, Sand, and Soul

In exactly seven days, one week from today, the endless hours and time I have spent studying during this past year will all equate to letters on a piece of paper.  My junior year will be completed.  I will be a senior … and in college none the less.

And so with summer so terribly close and yet so horribly far away ( … finals next week, oh joy) at the same time I share a little about my favorite place, my perfect summer’s spot.

Simply, the sea … holds my soul.

There is a certain kind of brilliance, a certain kind of purity, and a certain kind of unjustified joy I receive when I see the sea along the horizon, when I step foot on sand.  It defines peace and love, hope for a better tomorrow, and perfect bliss.  It’s home and it’s happiness.  The smell, the sea, the sand… they go hand in hand with my soul.

Today in the midst of preparing for tests, memorizing lectures, and writing papers, I dream about the sea and sand, my perfect summer’s spot.  I am a true beach blonde.

Where is your perfect summer’s spot?  Find it and hold on to it.  Savor it long past these next coming months.  Do more than dream … starting next week I know I will!

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


(My obsession started fairly young … and was not completely my doing!)


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