Dreamers & Doers

If you haven’t been able to tell already, I’m fairly family oriented.  Always have been.  This of course made moving out (a whole 45 minutes away from where I grew up) all the more difficult; a problem I have found most people my age don’t deal with to such an extent.  Even now I am still adjusting and find myself driving back home on random days just because.  And thus I would like to share a little about the two people in my life who have made my new surroundings my home away from home.

Jenna and Haley are my twin pillars (I am a good three or four inches shorter than both) for whom I am extremely grateful every day.  They have a genuine character and distinct class that radiates and betters all they interact with.  They are stronger than I will ever be and truly “dance” to their own beat.  They brighten a home filled with dirty dishes, blank walls, and mismatched furniture.  They love powerfully.  Jenna and Haley live with purpose so pure and true, a purpose that makes you know they will make it.

Grownups never tell you how hard being on your own will be.  As a kid it seems almost blissful.  Easy.  Fun.  And then you start making payments, start spending more time at jobs you wish didn’t consume your life, start spending money you don’t have, start seeing what it’s like to really be an adult.

Jenna and Haley make all this madness seem not so much easy but … definitely achievable.  They are hardworking and naturally driven, they make me want to accomplish far more than my spoiled self used to think about.  And so I share a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

The future surely belongs to these babes.  But not only because they are dreamers, but because they are doers.  The future belongs to my roommates and all you others who share this devotion and determination towards what you believe in.

To Jenna and Haley I say, thank you for showing me what it means to have perseverance.  God has a deeply beautiful purpose for your lives that far surpasses even your best dreams.  We will make it together!

And congratulations to all the graduates of 2013!  I wish you only the best.

Do more than dream.  Believe in its beauty.  Put forth the effort.  Don’t just be a dreamer, be a doer!

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Thank you for bringing me home.   I am so proud of you both.  I love you, beauties, xxo!


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