Blessings from a Blissful Boy

Whoever tailored the quote “ignorance is bliss” was on to something. Spot on rather.

This past week I babysat one of my most favorite people in the entire world. Jake is 25 months old and the brightest of toddlers. He is cheerful almost all the time, especially if cake or ice cream is involved, and his favorite companion is a stuffed bunny named EB. Jacob loves anything Disney especially visiting Mickey’s House (Disneyland). He finds joy in the simplest activities be it brushing his teeth or running in circles around the house. Simply stated, he is our continuous sunshine.

Now I consider the world around me. The hours spent studying to finish both my bachelors in a timely matter or working to please people at a minimum wage job. The frustrations over constant family issues or roommate conflicts. And thus a 19-year age gap becomes the difference between living in pure bliss and pure insanity causing the self-described “big boy” to teach me far greater lessons in life than those I try to teach him with learning his ABC’s.

Jake shows me what it means to love in all conditions. He speaks everything he knows. He explores and challenges himself daily by trying new things. Jacob makes me feel special. He wakes up overjoyed to just be able to play with toys and interact with people. Jake makes me forget about the various tasks to be accomplished and instead realize the beautiful blessing of life itself for Jake will one day understand this as well, as my first post titled Legacy was written about his mother. And so I continue to rely on Jake for the most brilliant life lessons.

Mark Twain wrote,

“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.”

Love. Simplicity. Adventure. Happiness. Curiosity. This brilliant boy teaches me about all things blissful and blessed.

Perhaps “ignorance is bliss,” but Mark Twain was correct. Children show the beneficence of life. Jake does more than give me joy, he shows me how to experience such in all I do. And so maybe I have discovered why I want to be a part of a child’s life through teaching. Children cause me to see the good and true power of life. I hope to foster this beauty someday.

Consider the children in your life. Choose today to learn from them.

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To the boy who has taught me more in his short two years than thought possible, I will forever be thankful!

Have a beautiful weekend, xxo!


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