Frustrated, not Flattered

I apologize for the ever long time that has passed since my last post.  For my loyal followers, especially Nat, who in her “sweet” way always seems to remind me of how I have failed to write, summer has started and with it, new opportunities have begun.  I am working.  I am relaxing.  I am preparing for a family road trip.  I hope your summer has begun just as well.

Summer has always seemed like a time for change, a time to accomplish the kinds of things you can’t with the anticipation of class the next morning, a paper due the following day, or pages to read of yet another textbook.  And yet when school begins to come back around in the fall, most of the time my list is never complete, and rather far from it.

“Patience is a virtue.”

Could there be a truer statement?

I can tend to be very … impatient.  I want things to be in place.  To make sense.  I want to know where I will end up, what I will accomplish, who I will be, and who I will share it with.  And yet at the end of the day, complications still continue.  Things don’t add up.  My prayers don’t seem to be answered.

I wish I could write of the incidents (some incredibly comical, others rather frustrating) that have happened over the past two or three weeks.  For now, I stay reserved though in fear the characters of those stories could happen to pass along this post.  And thus the only bit of information I will give is to discourage the male  population from grabbing a lady’s hand at a mall, introducing yourself, and not letting go.  This will indeed accomplish exactly the opposite what you intend and in my case, send her hurrying to buy a pretzel and leave the mall, no longer in the mood to shop, even if it was for shoes!

You see, things like this annoy me to no end.  My impatience to have the movie-style “happy ending” already steps in, to no longer deal with these events where I am put on the spot.

And so I share a little more about my aunt.  I have written about her before.  She is who I have dedicated this blog too.  She is my guardian angel.

Some of the last advice she gave me was when I was frustrated about yet another “something,” another minor and unimportant happening.  She told me in time it would all make sense but for now to continue to work hard and focus on what I was doing.  I couldn’t change the doings of others.  She told me … to be patient.

With this in mind, maybe things don’t need to make sense just yet.  Maybe the events that annoy me now only happen for the time being to be told as a humorous story, or used for a blog post for that matter.

I think back about summer, my time of change, to achieve the unachievable.  Maybe God’s whole goal in this time for me is to finally learn patience and what it represents.  And with this that list will eventually be accomplished.

And so I see why “patience IS a virtue.”  I encourage you today to wait on the Lord with a patient heart.  In time …



(I realize the theme throughout this post has become a bit of a consistent idea throughout my posts …                                                it seems to be a dominant message in my life lately so I figure it deserves double the dosage!)


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