22 used to be an unexciting age.  Then Taylor Swift decided to write a song about it.  Since then the hashtag above has defined a new landmark age amongst the sweet 16-teen queens, legal 18-year-old’s, tipsy 21’s, and over the hill 50-year-old’s.

Well today I am feelin’ 22.

A couple years ago I came across this quote below right before New Year’s.  It may not be a new year quite yet but today I have hit a new age, and I have decided to share it as it represents a few of my wishes for the coming year.

“This coming year, I hope to create a story that I love.  I hope to make something beautiful and take great risks.  I hope to dare myself to do brave things.  I hope to have a conviction and see it through.  I hope life breaks me and from disaster, I hope to come back brand new and beautiful.  I hope to have the courage to take the weak things and amplify them until my life overflows with only the good stuff.  I hope to see the world and meet interesting people but above all, I hope to have an absolutely passionate love affair with life.”

Today I am half the age my aunt was when she went to be with the Lord last year.  She lived a life full of love, of hard work, of humor, and of true worth.  In honor of her life my wish is to live the next 22 years as she did … with joy, conviction, faith, integrity, and thrill.  I will continue to honor her legacy.

Here’s to another blessed year.  Hope you all enjoy the new design! xxo


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