I was meant to be an Ice Skater

John Steinbeck wrote, “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

As a first-born, naturally I am a perfectionist, and naturally being human and all has always failed me with this personality trait. Thus is exactly why I love the statement above.

I have a tendency to suggest nearly every new thing I try might be my calling. Contrary to what I had imagined, I am the worst skier … ever! Ice skating, on the other hand, is a bit more my style. I enjoyed a fun-filled night of ice skating with my sister and cousin last week that reminded me why I have always loved the sport. The grace it requires comes a bit more easily … none the less I will never be any more than “good” at the sport.

Today I begin a new semester of school. As a hopeful teacher, the student in me has always been excited for another year, new materials, new teachers, new classes. Today feels different however. With college graduation in the foreseeable near future and figuring out my next step in life is coming all too quickly, I cannot help but be anxious and nervous and wish for another few weeks days of winter vacation. With this in mind (I realize that I use this statement in most every post), being “good” at all I face in the upcoming busy semester is my goal. Because maybe after all, being perfect isn’t what makes life enjoyable. Because then ice skating would never be that much fun anyway.

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday and happy first day of spring semester Titans and to everyone else who starts today! xxo.


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