A Day of Thanksgiving

I have been trying to figure out an interesting start to today’s post for some time now.  An special anecdote.  A cool lead.  A quote that identifies exactly my feelings.  But at last I am at a loss.  Instead I just write, in hopes something creative, something honorable will be the end result.

I have been counting down to Thanksgiving for five weeks now and for good reason.  For as long as I can remember it has always been my favorite holiday.  No pressure.  Good food.  Macy’s Day Parade.  My Family.  Anticipation for the future holidays.  The holiday defines bliss.  For me at least.

This Thanksgiving is different however.  46 years ago today a blonde haired beauty was born.  She would be 23 when I was born.  I would spend the next 20 years admiring her.  And so I wish a Happy 46th Birthday to my Auntie Cheryl.  With every passing day I miss you more and more.

Today Cheryl Lynn is celebrating with the Big Guy above just as she does every day.  And I could not be more thankful yet still I am at a loss.  There are days when I think about the events that took her away from us – her husband, her baby boy, her family, her niece.  The sense and the clarity of those 10 days we had to say goodbye have never come and I am not sure they ever will.  It has not become easier with time, only more confusing as problems still persist.

And thus in my confusion today becomes a day truly dedicated to thanksgiving. Thankfulness for an aunt that was intelligent and truthful, stunning and spunky.  Thankfulness for an aunt that was definably unique and unbelievably special, a person I had the privilege of knowing the way I did.

I have numerous other things to thank the Lord for today.  My family and roommates, homes, education, health, jobs, church.  The list goes on.  But most importantly today I thankful for the blessing of the time I spent and the relationship I had with Cheryl.


It’s endless and yet not at the same time.  It cannot be predicted and yet I still make endless lists of things to be done everyday.  Today on what would have been her 46th birthday I honor the life my aunt led and will try to continue to live out her legacy through this blog.  I wish a happy, happy birthday to Cheryl’s twin sister, my auntie Carol; your kindness and generosity are beautiful.  I love you.  I pray you are all having a blessed Thanksgiving.  The next few weeks are bound to fly by.  Christmas lights will be put up and taken down.  A new year will start.  Take TIME today to realize what truly matters in your life.  The people.  Today I thank the Lord for being so good.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

Psalm 107:1

All my love, xxo!

Cheryl and me



22 used to be an unexciting age.  Then Taylor Swift decided to write a song about it.  Since then the hashtag above has defined a new landmark age amongst the sweet 16-teen queens, legal 18-year-old’s, tipsy 21’s, and over the hill 50-year-old’s.

Well today I am feelin’ 22.

A couple years ago I came across this quote below right before New Year’s.  It may not be a new year quite yet but today I have hit a new age, and I have decided to share it as it represents a few of my wishes for the coming year.

“This coming year, I hope to create a story that I love.  I hope to make something beautiful and take great risks.  I hope to dare myself to do brave things.  I hope to have a conviction and see it through.  I hope life breaks me and from disaster, I hope to come back brand new and beautiful.  I hope to have the courage to take the weak things and amplify them until my life overflows with only the good stuff.  I hope to see the world and meet interesting people but above all, I hope to have an absolutely passionate love affair with life.”

Today I am half the age my aunt was when she went to be with the Lord last year.  She lived a life full of love, of hard work, of humor, and of true worth.  In honor of her life my wish is to live the next 22 years as she did … with joy, conviction, faith, integrity, and thrill.  I will continue to honor her legacy.

Here’s to another blessed year.  Hope you all enjoy the new design! xxo