The girl behind the blog, behind all that brilliance and bliss …

I am a lover of red velvet cake, of rainy days, and of excessively sugared coffee. I have recently developed a new passion for all things black and white but my favorite anything is Tiffany blue. I am fascinated by Audrey and Kate; for those less obsessed, I am referring to Ms. Hepburn and the Duchess of Cambridge, of course! I anticipate the season of fall and pretend it feels colder when in reality I live in Southern California heat most months of the year. I upload too many pictures on Instagram and have ten favorite movies. I am a true beach blonde (take me to the sea, you will understand).  I over excite over simple things.  I would only eat breakfast foods if I could. I write pretending more than close family and friends read this, lets change that! I adore my three year old cousin, am blessed with two loving homes made up of my parents, sisters, and roommates, and serve a Lord whose love never fails.

brilliance and bliss is an attempt to document my daily discoveries that will hopefully bring me closer to finding my calling. For now I, Bekah Ann, attend a state school where my transcript reads double major: Child and Adolescent Studies, and Journalism (forgive the vagueness as I do prefer some sense of ambiguity, although my Facebook page might show otherwise). I like to tell stories, many times more than once, and love quotes that inspire. And thus I begin my blog to share both with all who care to read and join in on this brilliant and blissful anarchy we call life.


Miss Bliss

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