Do What You Can

Short.  Simple.  And definitely sweet.  Promise.

To all my readers (hopefully a couple more people than just my mom and roommate) of Brea, Placentia, and my fellow Fullertonians (just go with it), I have an exciting website for you to visit and join … especially if you’re a starving and broke college student like myself. You will not have to fill out any surveys or get spam mail of any sort.  Again, I promise.

e-foodie is a site that delivers coupons to members via email every couple of weeks for local food joints in the cities I listed above.  Often times with these coupons, you will have to purchase a drink, and then by showing your email coupon (either on your phone or printed out) you will receive a free entrée.  I have had everything from free pizzas to burritos to chicken bowls (my dinner last night).

All you have to do is sign-up with your name, email, and identify what area you want to receive the coupons for.  You cannot go wrong.  Remember as Arthur Ashe said,

Arthur Ashe

Where are you? Living in Brea, Placentia, or Fullerton!

What do you have?  The opportunity to get free food!

What can you do? Head to e-foodie and continue to read my posts!

Pretty short, right? Third time’s a charm!

(I realize this was a bit off focus from past posts, but I want you to enjoy this brilliant site as well … plus I got a quote in!)


2 thoughts on “Do What You Can

  1. Your best writing yet! Talking about food is always good. I am very hungry right now! Last night I watched Robert Irvine and his sledgehammer on the Food Network. He is the John Wayne of wayward restaurants. He is simply the best thing going on the Food Network!

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